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Flexible, adaptable screens

By Ourselves is an intelligent screen system which anticipates change in the workplace.

Made from modular components, the adaptable design can quickly and easily create spaces ranging from intimate to monumental.

When new work-spaces are required to supplement existing ones, panels can be added, ensuring companies are able keep pace with the rapid changes afflicting the workplace.


Make more with less

From the start By Ourselves was designed and engineered to reduce its impact on the environment by using as little material and few components as possible in the pursuit of uncompromising flexibility. The reductive design features three panels and a single upright, from which infinite combinations can be achieved,

Aluminium rails allow work surfaces and accessories to be easily placed and rearranged to match the spaces evolving needs.


Play with colour

A simple colour pallet and limited selection of materials has been designed to reflect the humble character and raw beauty of the materials.

Embracing biophilic design principles, aluminium, wood and felt provide the core materials helping create workplaces that inspire a calming and creative atmosphere.

Available in a choice of five colours, the tactile felt panels are not only visually appealing but also sound absorbing. Aluminium uprights are offered in a choice of silver or black.


Green Credentials

As well as being a renewable material, our FSC certified plywood offers excellent utilisation of the log.

Felt panels made from sheep wool are Biodegradable.

The Aluminium uprights are 100% recyclable without any loss of characteristics.

The simple construction ensures all parts can be separated with ease at the end of the products life.

Product Specifications



Sizes Available

short panel

1360H x 370L x 30W

Long panel

1360H x 770L x 30W

curved panel

1360H x 397L x 397W


1360H x 30W x 30D


Leveling feet


Light grey, dark grey, blue, green, red


silver, black


Birch plywood lacquered

Lead time

4-6 weeks

How to order

Our furniture is made to order, please contact us here for all orders / enquiries.

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